Me, Trips


I’m leaving on a jet plane…
I’m nervous.
I’m excited.
I know I’ll be exhausted.
But I know it’ll be an adventure.
Things packed? Check.
Feed the dogs and fishies? Check.
House clean? I think so.
Turn off all electrical devices? Check.
Wake up early in the morning? I need to.
Dangit. Now my heart is racing.
I think I’m starting to feel the reality,
of going away.

4 thoughts on “shortcuts”

    1. Oh, I forgot to tell what happened to him, didn’t I? We had to let him go…Lucien couldn’t take care of him as often as he wanted. Since there was a nearby pond/ditch that was full of green and water, we let him go over there. Ever the feisty one, he jumped out of Lucien’s fingers to freedom. ;)

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