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first day on the job

Things have been pretty good yesterday. Lucien and I watched ROTK around 3:30pm, and didn’t get back till 8pm. Boy, was that movie long or what? Thought the climax of the movie wasn’t well put out, though. But that’s just my opinion.

My friend Jamie had her baby today. She called me last night and told me that she was going in this morning. I’m certainly glad that she let me in on updates of her birth. Makes me feel speshul. Grats, Jamie! :)

I developed a cough during the wee hours of the morning today. I sure hope this isn’t serious, but I got an eerie feeling about it because it doesn’t really feel like anything I’ve experience before. Anyways, I took some meds and hopefully that will do it.

Going back to work hasn’t been all that bad. It actually feels like I’ve never left because everything is still the same. Maybe a few changes here and there, but still the same.

Still haven’t bought Christmas presents. Lucien’s looking for me right now, but I haven’t the slightest of what to give my sister, my brother-in-law and my mom. At least getting a wish list from my sis and bro-in-law helped. Anyways, for some reason I don’t really feel Christmasy this year. I don’t know. I just feel blah.

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