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Beaver’s Bend

A few days ago, I had the urge to go camping. Luckily enough, Lucien had the weekend off, but I didn’t realize until later that his weekend was Friday/Saturday and needed to go back to work Sunday. In spite of it, we still went camping at Beaver’s Bend.

Talk about an ideal day to go camping! It had been pouring rain since Wednesday and it was still pouring when we left Dallas last Friday night to go to our destination, which was in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Nevertheless, we still trudged on.

We brought Lani, our Pomeranian, with us, but apparently she was nervous during the drive there. I guess she was a little surprised and grumpy at being whisked off at the last minute. (Later, as we drove home, she was content and just slept the rest of the drive.)

When we got there it was around 4AM, and the rain let out a bit. We started pitching our tent in the dark and quickly, before the rain started up again. We put our sleeping bags inside, but since this had been a long time since we camped at all, we weren’t used to the hard ground (spoiled brats that we are :P).

We did bring with us an airbed, but unfortunately Lucien forgot to bring an airpump. He was determined, though, to use the airbed, so he started blowing air in it! Imagine the many minutes we laughed at each other and trying to put a lot of “hot air” in the airbed. I was amazed at how fast Lucien and I got this queen-sized airbed filled with air. At least we had a good night’s (few hours) sleep.

Next morning, around 9am, we were going to try fishing, but Lucien forgot his reels on the fishing poles. Good thing there was one pole that still had its reel on it. So we used that, but it suddenly poured rain again, so hard we were drenched to the bone. We gave up on fishing and crept into our tent drudgingly and slept while the rain poured on.

Around 1:30pm, the rain let up, but since we were planning to head back around 3pm we decided not to fish anymore and just pack up our bags and enjoy the scenery. We decided to come back here another time and stay a few days instead of just one night.

On our way back, we saw this little catfish restaurant and ate lunch. It had the best hushpuppies and coleslaw I had ever tasted. The fried catfish was to die for. I’m sure we’ll be going back there soon.

All in all, inspite of the forgotten things and pouring rain, we still enjoyed ourselves and rendered this an adventure.

1 thought on “Beaver’s Bend”

  1. Something tells me this trip just might not have been as fun without the rain. Glad to read you went camping – hope to read more about other trips sometime.

    Also, that catfish sounds good. I’ve never had it in my life, but I would sure like to. :)

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