Dream, dream, dream, dream…

Another dream. Could it be possible to have a dream inside a dream? This one did.

I don’t remember too much now, but as far back as I remember is that in the dream I was sleeping and dreaming. In the dream within the dream, I was watching this old video of me when I was around 2-3 years old and my parents on my grandparents’ couch. And then I was in the video. I was 2-3 years old again, yet I still thought like a 28-year-old, but couldn’t speak. My dad held me in my arms while the video was being shot. My dad tickled me once in a while. I looked at my mom beside me and she smiled at me. We all seemed a happy family. I beamed with pleasure.

Then it was the end of the video. I could suddenly feel tension in the air. I looked at both my parents, and saw that they were not smiling anymore. I realized then that all the happiness I felt earlier was all for the camera. My dad picked me up and walked towards the front door. My mom tried to reach for me, but she was held back by someone (possibly my grandmother) and was taken to a room in the basement. I looked back to my mom, saw my hand reach out to her yet I couldn’t speak.

Then my dad was at the gate, and had me look outside. I gazed in wonder and cooed with pleasure, seemingly forgetting my mom once there, yet in the back of my mind I thought, “So this was what happened back then. What my mom said was true.” Then I woke up from the dream.

Next scene I remember was that I was walking down this shopping mall strip which connects to a park. As I walked down the sidewalk, I kept looking at the signs and reading them. It was some sort of a Filipino community shopping strip somewhere in the US and I saw different Filipino shops, bakeries, restaurants, clothes-store, etc.

And then my walking led me to the park. There were a lot of people around: people walking their dogs, some just sitting admiring the view, some walking slowly, some walking fast…a typical park scene.

As I was walking, I observed this guy in office clothes in the distance walking west when he suddenly turned in my direction and shouted in recognition. Then he started running towards me. Or at least towards my direction because as he drew nearer, he passed by me. I followed him with my eyes and saw him going towards a girl similarly dressed. The girl didn’t seem to be particularly pleased of seeing him. I assumed that this guy was in love with the girl, yet the girl didn’t love him and avoided him at all costs. The girl darted away in another direction, her eyes filled with dismay, while the guy followed her eagerly, with a light in his eyes. I saw them have a dispute here and there and then walked on.

I continued going down the direction I was taking, and after a while of walking and watching people around me, I went back from whence I came. On my way, I noticed these steps on the side of a wall that I had passed earlier. I walked up and investigated. As I drew nearer I could hear someone talking on a microphone. I came up the steps and found myself at the backstage of a little theater-like stage.

I saw the man talking on the mike, and he was singing some songs. He started singing a somewhat solemn song that you could hear his voice break, and then some happy songs, letting the others sing along.

And then he was finished. He gave the mike to a woman whom I assumed was the emcee and heard him mutter, “There. 60 minutes.” and smiled. The woman smiled back and agreed. She then went to the front of the stage and started talking to the audience and introducing the next performance.

I suddenly found myself being the next in line to perform. The lady stopped speaking and turned towards me, handing the mike. “Remember, perform for 60 minutes only.” But I didn’t know what I was going to perform. Then suddenly I knew. I was going to tell everybody about my dream I had that day (me as a little girl with my parents in the video).

So I told them my dream. I remember other things like sing-along, some other dancers performing about me, going along with my story about the dream…and then I don’t remember anymore.

I finally woke up from a dream that had a dream.

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