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Not good…

*sigh* is having problems right now. my webhost is having problems of a client having a hack in their site and it affected other accounts including mine.

now, I don’t know the extent of damage that happened on the site, but worst case scenario is that all the files in it may have been deleted. this means, the walkthroughs may be gone, the forums may be gone…all down the drain. *groans*

well, we’ll see what happens. i’ll keep in touch.

Edit: Well, I got an email that says that yeah, my files are gone…but they did say that MySQL databases are still recoverable, so if anybody is MySQL savvy there, I would need help to put these back in The Geek Forums.

16 thoughts on “Not good…”

  1. Awww Leiza.

    I don’t have a whole lot of time these days (grrr…), but I’ll definitely make some to try and help out if there is dammage. You can count on that much.

  2. I’m no good with MySQL, but do you have any of the files backed up on hard disk? I think I’ve got the TrueLove chapter 2 walkthrough here somewhere…

    1. Addendum: While you’re trying to get things set up, could you tolerate a temporary EZboard forum in the meantime? I can get one set up and linked off my site to accommodate the hordes going, “WHERE’S THE WALKTHROUGH SITE???”

      1. Right now, the webhost admin is trying to use my site as a guinea pig to see if she can recover all the files. She told me not to get into my CPanel yet, so I can’t really put anything in there. We’ll see what happens if she’s successful or not. And I think I have the walkthroughs (not all, I’m pretty sure) on hard disk…not sure if they have been updated lately, but that’s no biggie.

      2. Leiza, Mandi,

        If you guys are truly screwed, my Australian cousin Michael is a computer programmer for the BHP. Huge heart, awesome brain and he would most definitely help if I asked.

        Please keep it in mind as he is a true gem. :)

      3. Re: Forum

        Okay, put a notice on my hint site already that the site is down, don’t know when it’ll be back up, don’t go harassing Leiza or me about it.

        I’ll see about that ezBoard account.

  3. Holy bajeezus. . . . Welp, now I don’t have to worry about lagging on the new games–I get to play the new ones alllllllllll over again!

    Here’s hoping Mandi is savvy. Super savvy, even.

    1. Oh my God. Just read Leiza’s edit. I pray, pray, pray Mandi is Super Savvy too. I’m just not any good with computer programming. * sigh * * cries * * prays some more *

      1. Note to self: Nag DB tomorrow with “Can I borrow your SQL books?” til he gets tired of it. (Which, with his tolerance level, is maybe 5 minutes.)

      2. Mandi, like I’ve said, if you and Leiza are in any bind at all, my cousin Michael in Australia is a wizard and a very wonderful person.

        We ask, he’ll help.

        It’s all I can offer. Don’t know MySQL myself…

      3. Well, the good news is that MySQL for the forums is still intact…therefore, I think I have an idea how to get it all back. *crosses fingers*

  4. Leiza, remind me…

    Which forums am I forgetting?

    (Name of the top category?)
    The Geek News Board
    Moderators Forum (us four only)
    Suggestion Box

    (Babble category?)
    Say Hi!
    Non-Related Stuff
    Competitive Gaming and Discussion Lounge
    Online Quizzes
    Bizarre Bazaar

    Games Help (Walkthroughs and Hints) category:
    La Foire Aux Mysteres
    Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS)
    Adventure Games Live
    (What was the type of games?)
    Other Games

    That’s what I can remember off the top of my head.

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