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Things Are Not What They Seem

Okay, since Jamie asked, no, ragged on me, to update, here I am.

House update: we go back to the house on Sunday to do another walk-thru to check if everything’s good to go. And then on Tuesday, we’re going to the title company to sign some papers, and that’s also the day we do the closing. Thursday is the official day we move. So, it’s going to be a hectic few weeks.

Another full weekend ahead of me. Most likely we’ll be doing some more packing and what not.

I’m a little bit stressed on Tuesday, though. Because Lucien doesn’t get off until 3pm, and I have to get to work at 3pm, so when can we really get to go to the title place together to sign papers? So, I’ll have to go in late to work on that day so we can do it. I just hope my co-workers won’t mind.

That’s pretty much it. Blah, blah, blah.

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