Creating, House, Music

Houses, Music and Poems

We were going to do house closing today, but for some reason, our lending bank has screwed up on paperwork, putting a higher interest rate than we originally planned.

Our loan officer has been on their asses all day yesterday and was able to get the paperwork fixed, but our closing won’t be until Thursday. That day is better for both Lucien and I anyway, as we are both on our day off. We are kinda worried about our fridge/W/D delivery, because it will be for tomorrow. Hopefully, we can just call them and hold it for another day.

It was fun listening in to Jamie‘s Devilkiss Radio. She is basically playing it through her computer and everybody can listen in. Nice. We also talked about DJing for Nexus events like carnages, and such. That would be cool to see.

Also talked to Jennifer last night. I was honored that she let me read her poem. I did a few minor corrections, but overall, it was a good read. I also felt what she was trying to express in the poem. I said I was honored, because she mentioned that she never shared her writings. :)

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