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The Things People Do To Gain Attention

I got a PM from 05013 the other day:

Subject: Post error
Leiza, in the guestbook a user called krysie posted 2 posts but next to her amount of posts it ses 0. glad if i helped u


1. I’m annoyed on how he was glad that he helped me. *rolls eyes*
2. I didn’t allow post increase in the guestbook. Go figure.
3. I’m annoyed that the PM came off as arrogant.


P.S. I love the Custom Friends option.

6 thoughts on “The Things People Do To Gain Attention”

  1. Yes, 05013 comes off a little annoying now and again. But I really do believe some of it is over zealousness. Some of it? Well, not too savvy about the forum rules.

    For example, he posted a comment about my icon under a game forum to which a reply likely would have elicited a whole gossip column.

    Next, I’ve totally ignored Zedds new forum for weeks now out of sheer busyness. Haven’t read one word, haven’t posted a thing. I was really feeling guilty about that yesterday too because I remember telling him on IM that I want to play, but can’t forsee being on the committee because I’m afraid I’ll make promises I can’t keep. So, I spent some time reading some of the posts in his new forum to get up to date with what’s happening. Under the forum Zedd created specifically asking members what team they want to be on, I replied that he could pick for me – coz I’m not fussy – really. (And what a little sweetie he is – he made me a game, or, team player even though I completely neglected – forgot – to sign up under the forum he created for that).

    So, 05013 makes a new topic immediately after I posted and states he did so because of all the inappropriate posts taking place in the forum I had just posted in! Auuughhh! But that’s okay, I’m truly not sore at this person – just, well, shaking my head I guess lol!!.

    Anyhow, in terms of forum etiquette, I’ve noticed 05013 lack on a few other posts too.

    Right now, I’m not overly concerned, but, I’d definitely keep an eye on him/her… just to be safe.

    Hooookkaaayy, I’m now two cents shorter than I was before I let this out ;D

  2. Oh, sorry Leiza. Just realized a typo in what I wrote.

    Zedd made a forum for those persons interested in signing up and playing the game he hopes to develop. That is the forum I replied under. I guess it later developed into who will be on what team.

    – heh

  3. Custom Friends rocks!

    From my take, rather than self-congratulatory, the end tag seems less pompus and more eager to assume his help was necessary. If that makes any sense. Blah.

    1. Re: Custom Friends rocks!

      You’re a smart one Erika. In retrospect, and in light of further posts from 05013, I think you are right.

      Also, now that I have just read a post from 05013 about how he is getting braces, I realize why it is he must have been interested in my ridiculous icon (the spongmonkey or whatever you call it).

      Now I actually want to hug the little dude. Instead, I finally answered his question.

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