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A Lady

She stands by the bus stop everyday.

We pass her by everytime we go to the train station.

She always sits on her “luggage”, pieces of boxes and suitcases under a worn-out, woolish blanket.

Her hair is shorter. It looked like she cut her hair days before.

We always wondered about her.

What does she do?
Where does she go?
Where does she live?
Does she have family?
Is she visiting someone?
Is she just bored, that she likes riding buses?
Is she homeless?
Who is she?

Numerous questions flash through our minds in the minute we pass her by.

3 thoughts on “A Lady”

  1. What does she do? Sells luggages.
    Where does she go? In front of the Metro Mall, at her stall.
    Where does she live? uhh…in a bus???hehe…
    Does she have family? Probably.
    Is she visiting someone? Nope. She sells luggages, remember???
    Is she just bored, that she likes riding buses? Nope. It’s her home, remember???
    Is she homeless?Nope. She lives in a bus.
    Who is she? She’s the neurotic bus-resident. hehe…

    now my question is….who is she?

  2. Yeah, I like to watch people and wonder about their lives from the little clues that they give me. I guess it comes from being a Sherlock Holmes fan.

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