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The Life Of A Game Geek

I know I haven’t posted much lately. What’s keeping me preoccupied? Games, what else? :) Here’s some things that have been going on lately:

The day I came back, a friend I call my ‘son’ on online games, set up his Ragnarok private server. He’s been working on it since I left and I asked him to contact me once he got things going. So, I’ve been playing mostly on his server and checking bugs.

And then just yesterday, I tried to make my own private server. Alas, I’m still confused on my whole configuration, and my laptop cannot take too much information after everything was set up. And it still does not work. I gave up on it already (unless I can get me a better computer, which I can’t afford right now).

On the side, I have been playing other games, like the ones I downloaded for my PSX. I think it’s just mainly my means of catching up to games I’ve never played as a kid.

Also, after the trip to Chicago, I’ve been doing a revamp on my online picture gallery. The content management system I use has become cumbersome, so I decided to change it to a simpler, yet effective picture gallery. So, if you see something awry on it, it’s because I’m fixing it.

At home, on weekends, Comcast is being a bitch and not working most of the time. Last Sunday, I couldn’t even get on the Internet because it was down. It’s a little frustrating, but I have to live with it until they have a better ISP in the area.

I’ve been caught up once again with Neopets, and then now, Pokemon Crater. They are mostly just to kill time, but I still enjoy playing them. It just sucks I can’t play these at work. *sigh*

I’m trying to spend more time out of the computer world and more time with my hubby. It’s not working out so well, since we still have conflicting schedules. We do try to make do of the time we have when we’re together.

Bills, bills, bills. After the trip, it’s back to bills. We’re still trying to catch up, and it’s not good. I guess that’s what you expect when you are in a new home. God willing, things will be okay again in a few weeks.

Okay, I’m already rambling so I’ll stop now. I hope you’re happy now that I have a long post. :)

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