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Blood Donation

I donated blood for the first time today. I thought it was going to be quick and all that, but it took me almost an hour when I got out of there.

I had to fill out paperwork, which was what actually took most of my time there. They did an iron test first where they pricked my finger, and then I went on to the area to get my blood drawn.

I heard that the girl beside me who was there before I was fainted right after the needle went into her arm. They didn’t go through with that one. Poor girl…she looked embarrassed.

Anyways, the nurse who took my blood really squeezed my arm with their tool too hard, and I could literally see my hand turning purple. But it was all part of the procedure…they had to find a vein on my arm.

I was done in 5 minutes after that. They took a lot of blood, but they said I was a ‘gusher’ so it didn’t really take that long. :)

The whole experience was cool, other than the uncomfortable feeling I still have on my arm. I also got a t-shirt. ;)

17 thoughts on “Blood Donation”

  1. I haven’t given blood since the “incident.” Suffice to say that I had a 9 inch bruise on my arm that turned many pretty colors over the next few months. They also informed me that they would be throwing away the 3/4 of a pint that I had donated before the vein collapsed. They really shouldn’t have told me that.

      1. You’re a dear bold heart Leiza. I’m so mad at myself for being such a whimpy sissy, especially since too many people on this earth need blood. Good for you.

  2. Congrats and thanks for being one of those that shares a little of themselves so that other, less fortunate folk have a fighting chance when tragedy strikes. I personally have never donated, not for lack of wanting to though. With all of the illnesses I’ve had and medications I’ve been on, I’ve only gotten the “cold shoulder” from the cross folk when I’ve attempted to offer my red. Probably just as well, since I’m fairly squeamish when it comes to needles and things like that. :P

    1. After all the forms I had to fill out, it’s a wonder I even qualified. But then I have yet to find out if they will be able to use my blood. We’ll see what happens. :)

  3. That’s really kind of you :) I wish I had the courage to give blood too, though I have a feeling if I did, I’d end up like that girl next to you XD


    SIGN ME UP. I have to go do laundry hehe. Anyway, that is really cool. I wanted to donate blood, but they said because I have asthma I can’t. Maybe I should check it out again. I have also heard donating blood once a year is healthy. Actually I don’t want a T-shirt, I want a few cookies lol.

    Todd Sawyer
    “NOOOOOO, Not the suppository!!!!”

    1. Re: FREE T-SHIRT

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate to those that want to donate blood but can’t. I’m actually glad I tried this out (my curiosity got to me), even though I still have a bruise on my arm.

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