Blah, Me, Ponderisms

Thoughts of the Day

I feel a little lost, somewhat. I’ve been feeling this way a lot. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m always trying to look for Leiza, and wonder what she’s doing. Just generally blah, I guess.

It’s a nice feeling to have someone think about you and how special you are. It really lifts up the spirits. Especially when you think that everything you do is all for naught.

I’m restless. I can’t keep my hands still.

I’ve decided to cancel my cable internet. Stupid Comcast. And stupid SBC Yahoo! wants us to pay $800+ for setting up DSL in our area. Eww!

I took pictures of Lady, our new puppy, but of course, silly little me has been procrastinating on posting it. I hope I will do it tonight.

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