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In a month’s time, I will be a U.S. Citizen! Whee! :D

The interview didn’t take me but 15 minutes, but the letter said that it would take 2 hours. *rolls eyes* My interviewer asked me 6 questions (I believe there were 10 questions in all and when I answer the first six correctly, it’s considered passed), I read a sentence, and I wrote something she said on paper. After that, she set up my schedule for the oath-taking ceremony next month. :)

There was one set-back, though. I had to retake the photos I took months before for the interview because it turned out bad. However, it didn’t take but 5 minutes to get my pictures done. I just hope that this set of photos will be good to go.

I won’t go into details that Lucien went missing (he walked around the area) while I was in the interview, and stayed missing after my interview. Bleh.

Anyway, everything was all good. Whee!

5 thoughts on “American Girl”

  1. YAAAAYYYY!! o(^_^)o

    Congrats and welcome to the family! I’d give you a hug but it’s kinda hard to do all the way from Japan. I’m so happy for you!

    I wish I could say the same about getting my International driver’s license though (ToT)

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