Blah, Me

Blah blah blah

That’s what I’ve been feeling lately: blah.

Don’t ask me why. I should be happy and gay because I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world, we have a house, we have two lovable dogs, etcetera, etcetera. Everything should be peaches and roses.

But there’s that blah factor. Lucien feels it, too. Maybe because we don’t have a very healthy lifestyle. I need to try to get out and be more active. I need to exercise. Even my co-worker is doing it already.

I need to do music again.
I need to socialize more.
Read more.
Go to the park more.



3 thoughts on “Blah blah blah”

  1. This is a very good resolve. And with the coming Spring, you will perhaps find it easier to live up to.

    As for me, I just HATE January and sometimes even those first couple weeks in February. I don’t want to see people, and I don’t want to go out much. It’s just…. blah, blah! I force myself though, but I still feel blah.

    Lets hope you are like me and can snap out of it soon :)

    1. I agree. I’m sure part of it is the time of year. I was seriously depressed yesterday afternoon. Apparently, my blood sugar was low. I ate dinner, and perked right back up.

  2. hmm…two dogs and you don’t see the park much? Poor dogs. Start jogging. Nothing like a marthon or anything. I like to jog in the morning to the coffee shop about 20 blocks away, meet up with a friend read the paper and have a coffee…then I head back home. Now that I work early in the morning I have to find a far coffee shop that opens that early hehe. And the sounds of music are always good. In the words of Nike “Just do it!”.

    Todd Sawyer

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