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I’m Alive!

Yes, I am. :) Now, I know you might think I’m avoiding the blog like a plague, but I’m not. First, dial-up sucks at home, and I can only stay online for so long. Second, I’m only at work for 4 days a week, and that’s the only time I can spend time to be online. I guess I can tell you what’s been happening the last few days.

Tuesday. That was the day I had my oath-taking ceremony to become an American citizen. I had to be there around 9AM but the ceremony actually started at 11AM. Luci, my sister and my mom came to see the big event. There was a total of 981 people that were sworn in (wow!), and the majority of them were from Mexico, the second largest one was India, and then Vietnam. I was a little surprised that a few from the Philippines stood up (we’re usually a big crowd as well). My sister later told me that two of her co-workers were there, too. Small world. :) After the ceremony, I did my first American move: I became a U.S. voter. Lucien also registered since he didn’t before. My mom helped out some other new Americans fill out the registration cards. She did it so well, one of the people from League of Women Voters started to recruit her (she didn’t join – she does too much already). :P

Wednesday. Didn’t do anything much here. My co-worker J did call me up and mentioned that we had the best hours at work (we both work weekends and 4 days a week). I found that funny. :)

Thursday. Got up early to apply for my passport. I had my passport pictures taken, which I’m really happy that they turned out well. I then went to the Post Office nearby to fill out a passport an application. We had a bit of trouble there, because the workers at the Post Office kinda avoided me because I was applying for a passport. It was weird. Guess they didn’t want to deal with that kind of work. Luci was pissed at that. Anyways, the guy who finally did my application was nice enough and we were done in no time.

Friday. Another lazy day.

That’s about it. Lata!

3 thoughts on “I’m Alive!”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you have to do all that to become a US citizen. In NZ, people just have to live here for I think 3/5 years and then they get a citizenship certificate and passport XD.

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