Blah, Me, Trips

And so…

…as the new day begins, so does my take on life. Heh, just felt like saying that. :)

My time to go back to the Philippines is coming soon, and I can’t wait. The thing is, I have been procrastinating on getting the pasalubongs (gifts to bring home). I’m still thinking of when I should do it. *sigh*

In two weeks, I’ll be 30. I seem to feel like I have done nothing too worthwhile (aside from getting married to the most wonderful man and a few other memorable moments) that make me say, “I have been successful on something and am ready to retire.” I read about these entrepreneurs that have tripled, maybe more, their income before they were 21, and we see them retire at age 30. Wow, that would be something!

Yeah, I just feel like I failed at something I didn’t accomplish. Getting a degree, for one. I still have a determination to get a degree even if I’m already feeble and old. I don’t know, maybe it’s the thought of being 30 which makes me think this way.

That’s all I guess for today. Toodles. :)

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