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Family Night in Six Flags

Lucien and I took a friend’s daughter with us for that Family Night in Six Flags deal. Though the park was only open for us from 5pm through 11pm, I think we pretty much went through almost all the rides.

What sucked was that we weren’t able to bring in the sandwiches we made for the day inside (against park regulations). We did sneak it in later in our jackets, hehehe.

The weather was a little chilly that day, so we decided to get to the water rides before sunset. I thought I would be drenched, but I just had a few wet spots on my pants and they dried quickly. Then, since I didn’t like the rollercoaster, I let Lucien and Mimi (our friend’s daughter) get on them without me. They certainly loved the Tower of Power ride that they rode it twice. There was no line at all on the Shockwave (a rollercoaster with two upside-down loops) so they were on that 4 times. I, on the other hand, tried my hand on the games around the park where you win some stuffed toys. Alas, I didn’t win anything that day. :)

All in all, it was a good day. Mimi was tired but satisfied, Lucien was happy he got to go on all the rides he wanted to ride, and I was glad that they enjoyed themselves. It was weird that I felt like the host or something, lol. Bad news was that poor Lucien had to work right after we got home.

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