Blah, Me


This is one of those days where I’m so sleepy waking up that it has been dragging for a couple of hours. It happens when I dream the last few minutes before waking up. It’s like I’m in this fantasy world, only to be brought abruptly back to reality. It leaves me disoriented and groggy. It’s hard to get back on my feet, hence the two hours. I even drove sleepily. Good thing there wasn’t any traffic or I would sleep on the wheel.

1 thought on “Sleep”

  1. I hate it when I wake up sleepy. Makes the whole day seem like a chore. BTW congrats on the movie watching. I personally can not say I have watched that many movies at the theater in one day. I hope that you did take a break though and get some real food other then popcorn and whatever else they sell there.

    Todd Sawyer

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