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A Girl!

I’m alive. In case you’re wondering about me, it’s still been the same as usual. Of course, you’ll ask, “isn’t there anything at all new about what’s happening with you?”, of course, there’s the baby in the belly. We just confirmed on Valentine’s Day that the baby will be a girl. Yay! Lucien’s dream has come true. :)

The baby’s been kicking a lot lately also. She’s been doing okay, nothing major happening to her, though of course, it’s getting harder and harder for me to get out of bed because my belly is getting bigger. Because of this, I had to buy some maternity pants because my regular pants, though they are very baggy, are starting to strain and harder for me to breathe. Also, I’ve had to resort to sweats and loose garments at home. Lucien wants to take pictures of me during my pregnancy, but I don’t want to. We sorta had an argument about that last night because I was really not feeling up to a pictorial session.

My primary care physician (PCP) told me from my last visit that I have high blood sugar, almost borderline diabetes, so he’s telling me to cut down on my sugar food intake. It’s kinda weird, as I’m not much of a sweets kind of girl, but still Lucien’s doing everything he can to have me not take too many sweets or up to none at all. I’m going to check with my PCP again next Wednesday to check up on that status. My OB-GYN did say that it’s possible that I have high blood sugar because of my pregnancy, but they are taking every precaution. I’m also concerned about my knees because they are painful to bend, especially if I squat. I’ve been trying to massage them as of late and maybe the squat exercises I’m doing will lessen the pain.

Ah, the joys, and pains, of being pregnant. :)

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