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I Don’t Like Red

On baby news, the baby seems to favor the right side of my belly. Last night, while I was laying on my back, you could see a big bulge on my belly’s right side, and it’s sometimes hard to get her back to the center. Letting her lay there makes me a bit uncomfortable. She does become feisty sometimes.

I also noticed at times that I would get a regular thumping on my belly. Could it be little Dani’s hiccupping? It could be possible. It’s interesting to find out what’s going on in there.

Going to see the doc again on Tuesday. No ultrasound this time, since we did it 2 weeks ago.

Some people tend to ask me: Am I nesting yet? Hm, I don’t know. It depends on what you define as nesting. I’ve been more than anal on little stuff laying around the house lately, but I haven’t resorted to doing cleaning sprees. Cooking? Nope, still the same.

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that I’m usually tired around the afternoon, and wide awake late at night. Oh, and the feet and hands are swelling like crazy. I even had to take off my wedding ring this week. *sniff* *sniff* My hand joints are bad, too, feels like athritis (and yes, I’ve been taking calcium pills, as well as iron pills).

Anyway, I’m just rambling so I’ll just end here. Ta-ta.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Red”

      1. It was okay. Pretty tiring day, actually. Went to birthing classes all day. How sad that not everyone in the family remembered the birthday on the exact day, but either before or after. Ah well. I was too tired to even care, lol.

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