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Houston and Filipino food goodness.

So, now I’m 33. It’s kinda weird seeing that number. It reminds me of Jesus and the most eventful year of his life. Could this be the most eventful year of my life?

Spent birthday with family. I had done a lot of errands that day, and just finished in time for a sit-down dinner at a Thai restaurant. Good stuff and fun times to catch up on things.

Already after my birthday, I drove to Houston with Luci and Dani. Luci is going to work there for a bit to jumpstart a passenger flight for the airlines he works for. It should be a fun experience for him.

It was also a good time to visit this Filipino restaurant I’ve been missing from previous Houston visits. They had a buffet lunch and we went there in the 2 days I had stayed. They didn’t cook the same food on both days, which was good. I was filled with Filipino food goodness. Luci even mentioned that he missed hearing me talk Tagalog to people other than my family. I then realized I really should get Dani to speak Tagalog often with me when she’s more comprehensive.

I drove back to Houston with Dani, sans Luci. It was my first time driving on my own like that. 3 to 4 hours drive from one city to another is a big deal for me. When we go on long trips, it’s usually with Luci and he drives most of the way. I was kinda scared I would fall asleep on the wheel, but leaving around the afternoon and before dusk really helped me keep awake. Even Dani was awake the whole trip, almost. (She fell asleep once we touched down in Dallas.)

So now we’re home safe, it’s back to normal life. Our house is still intact, despite that big tornado warning around the area I live in last Thursday. Thank goodness.

Missing hubby now. Must go talk to him.

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