Baby, Me

My Name Is Leiza…

…and I have gestational diabetes.

Well, the good news is that they just want me to watch my carb-intake and monitor my blood sugar for a month. Oh, joy. I shouldn’t complain. I’ve been given a chance to, hopefully, avoid doing insulin shots.

In other baby news, we just found out we’re having another girl, so we’re thinking up of names for her. The first name will be Lauren, but still debating on Michelle or Alexis for the second name. Luci is for Michelle, while I’m for Alexis. Maybe I’ll make a poll or something for y’all. That’d be fun. Dani’s vocabulary is growing, but still not quite comprehensible. She can, however, tell you if she’s hungry or she’ll understand some of your questions. She hates to brush her teeth, so as soon as she hears “brush”, she says “No!” (She’s been teething again, lately, so her gums have been really swollen.) We’re still trying to get her used to potty training. We’ll get there.

That’s it for now. I know I have more news, but I’m hungry and I have to eat. Cheers!

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