In Awe, Me

Prayers and Rainbows

I posted this in my home church mailing group about prayer:

Without meaning to, I always find myself “praying” to Him. I say it in quotes because it seems like I’m talking to Him instead of praying, but it’s how I share how my day has been, what blessings I received that day, etc.  He is my confidant in everything I do.

Like today, I went out after there was a forecasted heavy thunderstorm. The rain just stopped and the sun was setting to the west. I looked up and saw the biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life. The contrast of colors against the gloomy gray clouds surrounding it just blew me away. On top of that, there was another rainbow, however faint, right next to it. I looked up in awe, and just said in a whisper, “Wow, Lord.” And I was reminded of the Great Flood and how the first rainbow appeared and He promised it was a symbol on how never shall there be anything like that again.  All day long, I kept thinking of the incident and I found myself thanking and glorifying Him for hours.  

Pray without ceasing. :)

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