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A Sleeping Pill and a Job Offer

I’m seeing weird things. I thought I made a comment on something, but it’s not there, and then I tried to post it again and then it was there. A few seconds later, I check it again to make sure, and it’s not there. Wha?

I had to drag myself out of bed earlier to get ready for work. Actually, Lucien had to drag me out of bed. Just taking that small sleeping aid pill really rendered me unconscious. It’s kinda scary, though. What if I never woke up at all? Looking back now, I really doubt it. Lucien made too much noise for me not to notice it even in my pill-induced slumber. It’s like taking NyQuil without the medicine grogginess I feel everytime I wake up.

I’m glad that after an hour of walking around work, I have shaken off this sleepy feeling. I felt hot, though, like hot flashes. I was sweating. I’m sure this was for a different reason, but you never know it might be related. Hm. I’m scared to even take one more sleeping aid pill. Never again.

The supervisor at the Help Desk department at work offered me a position in Help Desk. The one thing I really hate about this job are help desk calls, and he’s offering me this position?! Good God. Of course, I didn’t tell him that per se, only that I was not interested at this time. He did mention that I would have to be Novell-certified anyway to take the position, and he was willing to give me a voucher discount for a training class. Though I would have liked to take that class just to be certified, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a help desk position. I have been doing that for almost a year and a half in hotels, with more people shouting and yelling at me at the front desk than I can tolerate. No, thank you.

I’m looking forward to another weekend of laziness and relaxation. Or at least in my imagination. It never turns out that way, anyway.

1 thought on “A Sleeping Pill and a Job Offer”

  1. Ha ha ha! I would run away from the help desk job too. Tsk, too much demand on a person’s blood pressure. Sometimes it happens to me when we get too busy at work and I am stuck being the one legged technician. O_o ….

    I think you are right about sleeping pills being scary too. Looks like me, you and Erika stayed up all night. We should have been online chatting instead. Would have been more fun.

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