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Noises and More Dreams

Sound of water pipes wheezing. Check. Dog whimpering in the background. Check. Air filter of the fish tank gurgling. Check. Overhead fan making squeaking noises. Check. Me, getting really pissed that these little noises can wake me just like that. CHECK.

Dreamt again. My cousin, Ailene, was there. I guess we were in the same building, but it seemed like a big house. Anyway, I was in a room upstairs, reading some sort of graphics tutorial she did. I went downstairs where she had some sort of an office. There she was typing something…probably something to do with work.

I was telling her how I liked the tutorial she did, and then she mentioned that there was something wrong in trying to implement it. So, I made a few suggestions and she tried it. I walked out for a while to do something and when I came back, I asked how it was. She had company (a girl, maybe a co-worker) this time. She said it worked. She seemed too preoccupied on what she was doing (typing).

I then asked her if I could borrow a mechanical pencil if she had one. I think at the request for this pencil I was reminded of what I was doing last night, trying to straighten some pins from a mouse PS/2 plug. Someone jammed the plug in the PS/2 port incorrectly and in result it bent the pins. Weird. So she lent me a pencil, quite reluctantly, I had a feeling she didn’t want me there. and kept on typing. I promised to bring back the pencil as soon as I could.

When I walked to the living room, Lucien walks in from work. He mentioned last night that he might be coming home early. Here’s the dream that he did. We talked for a while, and then I was done with the pencil.

I went back to the office to give the pencil back, but my cousin was gone, maybe off to go home or done with what she was doing. I just left the pencil on her desk. End dream.


1 thought on “Noises and More Dreams”

  1. Hm, almost makes me feel guilty. Sometimes, I am cousin Ailene, very busy typing away with people trying to talk to me and I wish they would go away.

    This is at work of course when I am faced with deadlines or people panicked and in need of information.

    Funny you should dream about it.

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