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Day 1: Leiza’s 10-Day Escapade

Woke up. Happy to see Lucien there. After a while of surfing on the Web, I got hungry and craved Indian food. Lucien was sleeping, so I went on my own.

My movie adventure and movie reviews (spoilers included).

As I got ready, I thought I wanted to watch a movie. So instead of going to the Indian restaurant, I went to the movies. I watched 3 movies (Scary Movie 3, Kill Bill, and School of Rock). It kinda felt refreshing to do stuff on my own again. It seems lately I’ve been doing everything with Lucien. Maybe cuz I loved sharing stuff with him, laughing with him, crying with him, etcetera, etcetera. Anyway, on with the movies.

Scary Movie 3 was funny, but didn’t really impress me as much as I thought it would. And yes, it was only a Michael Jackson impersonator (because I always wondered about that in previews on TV).

Kill Bill? Let’s just say I have never seen so much blood in my lifetime. Does blood really gush out like a fountain when your arm is cut like that?! I mean, really gory. I did admire the anime part there. Loved that.

School of Rock was the best one I’ve seen since the American Pie movies. Great! I actually had tears in my eyes at the end part where the kids performed at the Battle of the Bands. They were so good! Rock on!

So, I left the movie theater, and walked to my car. I had to wait for a group of people to get out of the truck beside my car, because the truck was a little close to mine.

I didn’t really mind that, though. For a moment there, I was tempted to walk up to them and strike a conversation for no apparent reason. Maybe I wanted to know what it felt like, coming up to strangers and just…that. But as far as my late-reaction-retarded mind goes, I didn’t think of this until I was already in my car, driving away. Dangit.

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