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Games and Roadside Trips

This game is driving me crazy. Especially because I can’t read/speak/write French, and I have to do some translating through the translator. I just wished they had an English version of it. Or I may resort to taking French language classes. Gah. :P

Anyways, my in-game daughter from Nexus wants me to register for the game again. I dunno, really. If it were any different than before, I would definitely re-register. But knowing me, I’ll be bored as soon as I log in.

Some good news (and I hope I won’t jinx it this time): I think I may be able to go to Taiwan again, so I asked for another 10 days off come December. Woohoo! I just hope that this will be definite. -crosses fingers-

5 thoughts on “Games and Roadside Trips”

  1. I know what game you are referring to :P. Hee hee! I’m pretty good with the French (No choice but to take in Canadian schools and I always got A’s.). Just trying to heal the back so haven’t gotten into it much… but oooooohhhhh how I WANT TO! Gah!

    * Crossing my fingers for your trip to the big “T”. Seriously, you deserve it *

    1. Ooh! 10 days in Taiwan! I’ll cross my fingers too! I gave up on the French game largely because it didn’t seem worth bothering my shoulders over…

      Marie: Resist temptation, give your back a rest.

      1. Yeah, and I’m really, really happy to say that it is becoming noticeably better. We figured out what probably happened to me as well. We think it was from me helping Vern lift that massive big 32 inch television we just bought (and it was heavy). Still, I’m to heed the exercise during the week warning.

        So you are body movement and thus, game challenged too? Sorry to hear it, because pain is a pain.

        And Leiza, once again, best wishes, cause you really deserve it!

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