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I was sleeping so much yesterday, that I had another weird dream…

I was driving around downtown, and then I was almost at Fair Park, where they usually hold the State Fair. I was presuming that there was a State Fair going on, so I decided to drive in and go there. Along the way, I was saying to myself, what I was thinking of going to State Fair around 8-9pm, and why wasn’t Lucien with me, and why wasn’t I turning around and drive home?

Everything seemed so eerie and dark. By the time I got to the ticket booth, I didn’t have any money so I started paying with my credit card. All the time I kept thinking, what I was doing here?

So, I started walking around the stalls, and some of them were already closed for the day, except for some eerie-looking stalls with weird stuff they were selling. The stall sellers look at me so weirdly…almost evil. Everytime I try to find other stalls to go to, I seemed to go around in circles because I kept going back to the stalls I have encountered before.

Anyways, that was the gist of my dream. It seemed real, yet…I don’t know. It just left me feeling a little lost. I think that’s the effect you get when you sleep the day away.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming”

  1. It’s weird because I can actually visualize Fair Park and where the eerie stalls would be (except I’ve never been there for the State Fair, but still).

    It might be, between the dark, and seeing the same stalls over and over again, that you’re hesitant to go out on a limb about something. The dark can represent the unknown, so you stay with what’s familiar, even if it’s uncomfortable or frightening–at least it’s known.

    1. I’m thinking it has something to do with my trip to Taiwan, because there’s a slight chance I’m going there on my own (Lucien might be going sooner or later than I). It’s not that I’m afraid of flying by myself, but then again, maybe subconsciously I am.

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