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Confusions and Giddiness

Lucien just left. There was a little confusion on his ticket to New York, because it said it goes to LA. So, he’s going to straighten it out with the company secretary who booked it for him. If everything turns out good, he’ll be leaving for NY today. And we’re still waiting for that Fedex package for our international tickets since Saturday. -sigh- More headaches.

I usually feel dread when it’s finally time for Lucien to go on a business trip. I already miss him to death. Love, twu wuv, is such a contradiction of emotions. Bah.

I, on the other hand, am feeling a little nervousness/excitement that I’m going on a trip again. It’s always an adventure for me, especially when I’m alone. And even the uncertainty of departure and arrival, our plane tickets, getting a seat, etc., leaves me a little giddy. Weird? Heck no.

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