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Happy New Year!

With the new year coming along, I feel really great. Not sick anymore, though there are still bouts of coughing going on, another new year ahead for me and Lucien…everything seems perfect. And who knows, maybe this year I will finally become an American citizen.

Regarding the New Year, I used to remember this old superstition that whatever you do at the stroke of midnight of the New Year, you’d be doing for the rest of that year. If ever that were true, I sure am glad that I’m not sick as I was last week.

Also, since I’m short (4’10 1/2″), I used to jump at the stroke of midnight, because they say that if you jump at the stroke of midnight of the New Year you’d get at least a little bit taller. Hehe, needless to say, this isn’t true since I never grew an inch taller. :P

I will miss the fireworks in the Philippines, but not really. Because all I’ll get is a dark nose and cotton in my ears to diminish the loud sounds. I will miss, however, the party and camaraderie and, of course, the food that will be laid out at my grandmother’s house. Maybe some day in the near future I will be able to experience all of these once more.

I’m working today, but I don’t really mind. I feel this would the safest place to celebrate it anyway. There would be no one around after 5pm, and I will have this place to myself. Then if everything goes smoothly, I can just goof off and play games all my working hours.

If you have a chance, leave me a text page on my cell phone and greet me Happy New Year. It would be nice to hear from people. :D

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