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I’m totally amazed at the Internet. It’s been so long since I’ve heard of long-time friends back when I was active in my home church, and now, I get to hear from not 1, but 2 of them! I’m sure pretty soon there will be lots more I can get in touch with.

My computer at work is finally in the 21st century, because instead of having a Windows 95 box, we finally have a Windows XP one. You’d think that someone that works for the I/S (Information Services) Department would have all the latest gadgets in the technology world because of all the things we have to do…but nooooooo. We, the computer operators, are actually the LAST to have the latest gadgets. -sigh-

In other matters, I got a new project I’m working on, so I’ve been pretty busy again. At least it’s giving me more practice on HTML, especially on how to make tables cuz I suck at that. It’s amazing how a 2 column-2 row table takes about 10-15 minutes of code, whether or not you’re a fast typist. Good thing I have a web editing tool that cuts the time in half, because I don’t have to type the table codes manually. Still, I don’t have the program on my home computer so it still takes a long time to do it when I’m working on the project there.

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