Three Make One?

I had a dream earlier today. Actually, 2 dreams, but I won’t mention the other one because it’s a little too private. ;)

So the other dream. I was age 10-15 I’m guessing. I had these 2 stuffed toys. The toys came in three groups: the stuffed toys themselves, a picture of the toy, and a little rectangular case (like a display case) with a plastic version of the toy. Once these 3 items are together, the stuffed toy comes to life.

It seemed that I wasn’t happy enough with the 2 toys. I was tired of them, so to speak. One day, I walked into another room of my house and I saw a stuffed teddy bear. I was ecstatic, because I fell in love with it at once. I took it with me. I found that the picture of the toy, but I couldn’t find the rectangular case with the plastic version of the toy with it.

The next scene was that I heard that there was a house nearby that had the case. It was the house of 3 ugly sisters. They were once popular and famous (they were actresses), but they became recluses and turned ugly. I decided to go there to search for the display case of my new toy.

So I went, avoiding the sisters between the halls of their house. I came up to a little bathroom. It was dark in there but I didn’t want to turn on the light in case the sisters found me out.

I heard a sound behind me and I rushed to hide behind the door. The 3rd sister came in, talking to herself. She sat down on a chair by the mirror of the bathroom and started combing her hair. She looked at my direction, but didn’t think she saw me, but still she talked towards me as if she knew I was there.

Then the other 2 sisters came in and was carrying some sort of a waterbed, but it was empty. They filled up the bed with water from the faucet, and when they were done, they left the bed there for the 3rd sister. It turns out this was her bedroom/bathroom. It was small, too. It occurred to me that the 3rd sister was badly treated by the other 2 sisters.

While I was thinking this, the 3rd sister went towards me and sat on a bench beside the door. She then started talking again, and I found out she was talking to me. I asked her how she knew I was hiding here and she said that she’s known for a while. Actually, the other 2 knew I was here, too. And that she knew what I was there for. She then said that the display case I was looking for wasn’t in the house, but somewhere else far away.

I then proceeded to run out of the house before the other 2 sister could catch me. I found out then that the sisters were witches, but the 3rd sister was a good witch, under all the ugliness. While I was running away from the house, I heard someone behind me. It was the 3rd sister and she was catching up to me. I felt no fear, only curious to find her there with me. I then asked why she was here, and she said that since the other 2 sisters were cruel to her, she decided to come with me to help me on my quest. And thus, we ran away together.

And that was the end of the my dream. It left me hanging, so to speak, because there was still that search for the missing display case. Oh, well. I guess we’ll never know what happened next.

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