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Fishing and The Dreaded News

I’ve been in hiding. I decided Wednesday night that I wanted to spend time with Lucien since he’ll be off in the next couple of days. So I asked my co-worker if he would cover for me Thursday. Heh, I was happy to know that he was willing to take Friday for me, too, so I took off for that day as well.

So, when I got home from work, I spent some hours on the computer until around 4AM. Lucien was dead asleep as he had pulled a double shift the previous night. He didn’t even notice me come in, so I just played the game Medievia. So, when I was done around 4AM, I still couldn’t sleep. I laid in bed, eyes open, and then turned and shook Lucien awake. “Wanna go fishing?” By that time, he had had enough sleep, so off we went to pack for fishing and left for Lake Tawakoni, a few miles from his mom’s house. It was around 5AM.

Before we ventured off to the lake, we had to get licenses and some bait. Then, we went towards the state park where the lake was, and luckily enough the park was just opening up. The place was all to ourselves. We spent a good 8 hours there fishing, but caught nothing. We did have a few bites here and there, but that was it. We figured it was because of the weather: cloudy and windy. A few hours before we left, I fell asleep out of exhaustion (realize that I hadn’t slept since the day before).

Around 3ish, Lucien and I packed our gear and drove to his mom’s to visit. We spent a little time with her and his sister. Lucien and his sister Liz started recalling their childhood days, and it was all so funny. There were tears from my eyes from all the laughter. After a while, we left around to go home. During the drive, I started telling Lucien the recollection of my childhood.

Friday. Lucien and I talked the night before to have lunch with my mom so we could give her the rent check and finally be able to tell her that we were looking into getting a house of our own. We were kind of dreading it, because knowing my mom she would put a guilt trip on me (story about that would take to long, so just trust me).

So I told Lucien I was going to let him do the talking or at least start the conversation about it since he could handle it. We gave her the rent check first, to give her a good mood, and Lucien spilled the beans. I braced for some kind of negative reaction, but surprisingly, she didn’t do anything what I expected her to do. She was actually excited about it and was even recommending some mortgage company she knows. Wow. I was really amazed. After the lunch, we were relieved that everything went so well. I guess we can freely hunt for houses now without “fear”.

Other matters: did oil change on my car, bought stuff at an import place (yeah, I finally got paid this week), bought 10 cheap DVDs, went to get pizza and watched the DVDs. Lucien went back to work tonight, but it was fun to spend time with him during those 2 days. At least I can say I can spend time without a computer in front of me. I actually didn’t even feel like writing on here today, but figured if I didn’t I would forget what I did these past few days. And look, long entry. -sigh-

So, I’m rambling, I guess it’s time to go. :P

2 thoughts on “Fishing and The Dreaded News”

  1. I enjoyed reading this Leiza. It sounded like so much fun. I just know I would have loved to have gone fishing with you.

    Really glad your ma took the news okay. I know you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. :)

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