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Pondering on Different Worlds

It’s funny how I live in different “worlds”.

How I maintain a site called Walkthroughs From The Geek and how it’s so popular and all that, but I can’t even promote the site to my family or friends that I see all the time. Believe me, I invite them to try out Steppenwolf and the other games, but they don’t seem to be interested.

And on how I play another game, Fairyland, and nobody else but my other friends from Nexus know. I know I’ve mentioned it a few times and all that, but still some others are still not interested to play.

On how this guy I know that used to play Lineage invited me to play the game Medievia, but still no one else either knew or were interested.

How I have this personal site called KaLiGrafix and not even my family knows I have it. Not even Lucien reads what I write on here, and my other journals, though he knows I keep one. I tell him things on I write on here anyway, so he figures why does it matter. Heh.

How I love God and love to sing for His name, reliving memories of me in church choir and the fun I have had during my activeness in our church youth group. I have not been active in church for so long but I still miss singing in a choir. I don’t think friends I have met and been with me in my other “worlds” know this.

It’s just something I’ve thought about a lot but really haven’t really delved deeper into it to make it seem to matter. It actually doesn’t matter, really. It just gives me a sense of having parts of me sent here and there, but no one knows who I really am (except for Lucien, of course, because I tell him everything). I want to put them all together, because I want to put all the things and the people I love together in one circle. I have a want to mold together all the worlds I am in, but I know that will never come to reality. Something that I must accept. Something that I will live…maybe for the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “Pondering on Different Worlds”

  1. Man you’ve had an LJ for ages and I didn’t even know x_x

    My family doesn’t know about my online activities either, nor my friends (well except one). But I guess it’s for the best anyway since I write a lot of personal things in my sites and if they don’t know, they can’t pass judgement.

    It’s so good to hear from you :D

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