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The Year Has Put A Spell On Me

How do you like my new layout? Well, it’s more of a change of font and color, but nonetheless I like it. :)

In other matters, I’ve been thinking that this year is going to be a busy one. Despite the fact that we’re about to make arrangements to get a house loan and getting into our own house, there will be the 2 usual wedding anniversaries, 2 weddings, a graduation, a reunion and possibly and HOPEFULLY, a trip back home to the Philippines.

Remember, Lucien and I had 2 marriages: a civil wedding and a church wedding. The church wedding anniv is next Tuesday, but I doubt if we’ll be able to celebrate because it falls on a weekday, and I have to go to a mandatory meeting on that morning. As usual, Lucien is going to work. Hopefully, the next anniversary (in October) will be better. At least we have Valentine’s together on the weekend.

My friend from Spanish class waaay back in 1998?-1999? is getting married in March. I haven’t seen her in so long and this would be a good opportunity to see her and meet her future hubby.

A first cousin of mine is getting married in Chicago in August. I’m excited for her and she looks like she’s happy. I hope that I get to attend.

Another good friend of mine that is my buddy in DeCry is finally graduating this month. She was in the same first year class when I started, but she got ahead of me due to my frequent semester breaks. Well, she deserves it and I hope she lands a great job.

Of course, there’s my home church reunion that’s going to be held in LA, close to Riverside and West Covina. This has been planned since 2 years ago and I don’t want to miss it. My dad is finally going to be able to attend, along with my sister who didn’t go last time. We might be driving all the way from Texas to Cali which is a 24-hour drive. Hopefully we’ll be able to rent an RV. That would be cool.

Also, my wish to go back to the Philippines for a visit is always in my thoughts. Hopefully, my sister, her hubby, Lucien and I will be able to come in time for Christmas and New Year. Along with this comes my determination to get my U.S. citizenship before I go there. Reason why is that traveling internationally will be easier as an American. I learned that lesson on my Taiwan trip.

That’s it. I got a long year ahead of me, and, God willing, that I’ll be able to go to these events.

1 thought on “The Year Has Put A Spell On Me”

  1. Crossing my fingers for you and OH how I hope you get that house too.

    Haven’t IMed you in a million years and it’s bugging me. Just seems it’s been one thing after another on my plate these last number of weeks.

    As usual, love reading your bloggies. Nice to know how you are doing. :)

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