Sites, Work Drama

13th and 14th

Tonight, or today, is the first day it snowed in Dallas. Whee! :P I’m sure it’s going to be gone by tomorrow, but hey, at least it’s snowing! Big snowflakes, too! :)

Well, last night has been kinda hectic due to the fact that I had time constraints on doing some of my backup jobs. And, to top it all off, I ruined 2 backup tapes and a tape drive. I didn’t have a backup tape drive to replace the ruined one, so I had to snatch another tape drive from another shelf. But that meant that the other backup for that shelf wouldn’t be done. -sigh-

Also found a neat CMS: Mambo Open Source. I’m using it for one of the sites I maintain. So far, so good…even though I had a bit of trouble on installing it the first time. But now, it’s all peachy. Now to figure out how to make thumbnails for the gallery. I don’t think it would be feasible, because my web host doesn’t have the GD library installed. I could ask, but I’m just lazy.

Plans for Vday? Nada. There was some talk about doing barbecue, but I dunno. We’ll just take it as it comes, I guess.

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