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Site Up and Conversations

I know I haven’t been updating lately, but some of you know what I have been up to. has been down last Tuesday, which incidentally was my church wedding anniversary, and I have been busy as of late trying to re-update the site and it took a lot of my time and basically drained me. I was just telling Lucien that “it felt like my brain was just sucked out of my skull”. :P

Anywho, the site is up and running, along with the subdomains on it. Amazingly, the MySQL database on one of the subdomains was intact, so when I put the site back in and updated the database, all the information was still there. Too bad that didn’t happen to, but it’s all good.

I had a nice conversation with marielogan the other day. I must say that was enjoyable. Just remember, Marie, to look me up whenever you’re in Texas. :)

Also been busy with everything else: work as usual, other events coming up, saving up money, and a new business venture that an old friend of mine is setting up.

I just hope this weekend will be quiet…but I doubt it.

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