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I love weekends.

Consider Friday night, being cooped up in a room, working on a jigsaw puzzle, and the next time you get out of the room, it’s already 12 noon the next day. That’s exactly what happened to me Friday night. :P Nevertheless, I had fun with the jigsaw puzzle, and was able to watch some movies also.

Lucien found me in the Game Room, doing the jigsaw puzzle. He just got home from work. I was still actually energized, but when I got out of the room, it was as if Superman found Kryptonite. So, we slept until 7pm. I do love weekends. :P

So, when we woke up, we went and bought some steaks and tried out our barbecue grill once more. I made my famous barbecue marinade for his basting stuff, and it was heavenly. We also had shrimp kabobs, corn and some baked potatoes. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even able to finish my steak, let alone the other ones.

We also planned to get Lucien’s Mustang back from his mom. So, at 12 midnight, we drove an hour to get to his mom’s. We also brought the shrimp kabobs for her. By the time we got home, it was almost 4am. Boy, I do love weekends. :P

Sunday: I was planning to attend the church across the street from us, but I woke up late. :( It’s been a while since I went to church, and I wanted to see what that church was like. Oh well, there’s always next Sunday. It was nice outside, and Lucien wanted to go out and try out the park a few blocks away with our bikes. I was still in the verge of sleeping, so I kept saying No. By the time I woke up again, it was 4pm, and then when I got up, Lucien got sleepy. What’s with that? I never got why one of us sleeps and the other’s awake, when we should be spending time together. *sigh*

So, I tinkered in my Computer Room. I was thinking of connecting another computer on the network, so it will have Internet connection. Since I had a router, it worked perfectly well. I also did a network printer, so both of my computers are able to print to it. What was once my not-too-cluttered-Computer-Room, is now so-messy-I-can’t-even-see-my-nose-Computer-Room. Lucien has gotten the energy to get more of my computer stuff from the garage so I can unpack them. Being a take-it-as-I-go girl, I didn’t want to unpack them all. Hence, the messy room.

Later that night, we sat and worked on the jigsaw puzzle some more. It was almost done, so we made it a point to finish it then. An hour later, we were finished. :D

I still love weekends. I just wish it didn’t end so soon.

2 thoughts on “I love weekends.”

  1. That sounds really nice. So lazy and relaxing. At my retreat I didn’t get to go to bed until after 11. The first wake-up call was at 6. Needless to say I laid in bed with the covers over my head until 6:50. There is always next weekend.

    1. Yep. Retreats are like summer camps, where there are always an activity going on from 6am-11pm. :) Did you have fun, though? I like retreats, but not the activities. Go figure. :P

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