Me, Ponderisms


More insights I found before I sleep is that I become philosphical about everything. I think of something, for example, my reactions after reading a book, and I turn it inside out and every which way and ask questions along the way.

I tend to talk aloud and make Lucien listen, sometimes. Last night, he was on the middle of wake and sleep, and I kept nudging him to stay awake. I must be mean. But he said he likes to listen to my banters and questions.

Another insight I found is that I let my insecurity demons out before I sleep. Questions like, “Am I good enough?”, etcera, muddle my mind. I never let them out in the daytime.

I also tend to sing myself to sleep. Last night, particularly, I was thinking of American Idol auditions and I would be standing in front of the “3 Musketeers” singing to my heart’s content. I kept experimenting on the songs I knew by heart and which one would be just right for my voice.

This has turned out to be my regular ritual before sleeping. Heh.

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