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I have a need…

1. For speed. :) Yeah, I want to drive around and just go somewhere.

2. To watch movies. I’m dying to watch anything new on the big screen, which includes The Day After Tomorrow and, of course, HP: The Prisoner of Azkaban.

3. To do something, besides clean house. :P My hands are itching to work on something I don’t know what. Maybe that’s why I have this new laptop reading cart, which took me an hour to setup. Now, what? There went an hour of excitement and thrills for me. :-/

4. For another hobby. My mind is hungry for more things to do. No wonder I’m restless all the time. Lucien and I stopped by in a hobby store and it was filled with tons of stuff to do. BUT! (read number 5)

5. For money. Everything I want to do now has to do with money. Unfortunately, I can’t spare any right now.

6. To go out of town. I’ll be doing that soon enough. I’ll be driving from Dallas to Los Angeles for Independence Day holiday. Anybody I can visit on the way? ;)

7. To go fishing again. Lucien’s been itching to go, too.

Good news! I just mailed in my Naturalization application. I just hope I filled everything and turned in the right documents correctly so the USINS won’t reject it. Or else, that would be $390 down the drain.

That is all.

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