Work Drama


I can see it in the hospital newspaper headlines:


Yep. Our 15-second hail freak storm brought the phone lines in the hospital down. The bad part is, we can’t page anybody or call anybody, because, you guessed it, no dial tone!

I only learned that our phones weren’t working when one of the Engineering dudes came and shouted across the hall to me. I guess the whole hospital is in panic.

Good thing that I was able to get a hold of the Telecom Director on his home phone. We are basically working through cell phones so to speak. Another good thing is that another I/S dude is here, so he’s going back and forth between buildings for the Telecom guys until they get here.

I just talked to my mom and said that they don’t have any electricity on her end. I’m glad that we have generators here to keep our systems up.

This certainly perked me up. ;)

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