Family, Laughter, Slumming


Yeah, I haven’t updated in a while.

I played hooky Thursday and spent the day with Lucien fishing. We only caught a few small fish and one big catfish that we didn’t deem it productive so we let them all go.

Lucien has one hell of a sunburn all over his back, shoulders, and chest. Because he took off his shirt while fishing for almost-8 hours under the sun. I learned my lesson on our previous fishing escapade and wore a hat this time to prevent sunburn on my head.

Poor Lucien can’t even sleep comfortable because of his sunburn. I slap him on the back accidentally once in a while. It’s hard not to when we’re humouring each other. :P

One thing I thought was very funny was when he went to work that night, and someone came and started rubbing his neck/shoulders. Here’s a skit:

Her: You look tense, here let me rub your shoulders.
Lucien: (flinching) Uh no, stop. It hurts.
Her: Really? Then maybe if I do it a little harder it will feel better. (and starts digging her bony fingers into Lucien’s painful shoulders)
Lucien: {flinches even more} Ahhh! Stop! It really hurts!

It was probably a good 5 minutes before he told her that he had a sunburn. He didn’t want to tell everyone for fear that everyone would start slapping his back. Ouchie-wawa.

Poor babe.

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