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There was a girl I encountered today and it made me do a limerick for her:

There once was a girl, walking down the hall,
She was walking so fast, I thought she would fall.
Her arms swung so fast
I couldn’t get past
How sideways her arms did fall.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but the way this girl’s arms were swinging was weird. You know when you walk fast your arms are swinging back-to-front? Hers were going back-to-front-and-side-to-side. Weird.

A nonsensical fact: Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

In other news, we picked up some furniture from my sisters’. We now have a dining set in the house, thanks to her and her hubby. Lucien thinks it takes up too much space. I know we need to relocate it somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Encounter”

  1. A nonsensical fact: Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

    No way. This can’t be true.

    Oh wait, NOW I GET IT… it’s those Texas mosquitos isn’t it, coz everything’s bigger in Texas. (Seriously though, I know you are true – and what an unbelievable bit of factoid this is too)(but actually, I think I heard this somewhere before)

    As for the having no room thing, I sympathize. Ever since Vern moved all of his stuff into this house (way back in the day), it’s been a constant fight to keep room enough. :)

  2. That bug bit explains a lot. Last summer I got about 200/300 bites at a campfire by a creek. I proceeded to get what I refer to as “mosquito sickness.” Now that I know that I was attacked by 9400 to 14100 teeth, I realize the true unescapable peril of the situation.

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