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Well, I’m trying to post this entry via email, so we’ll see how this goes.

I am thinking of my possibility of going home to the Philippines next year. It’s a must that I go home, because (it’s a good excuse, believe me, teehee) my grandparents are having their 55th wedding anniversary.

I talked to a co-worker who worked at the hospital more years than I, and found out that if I accumulated 160 hours of Paid-Time-Off (PTO), I will be able to stay in the Philippines for a month! Wow! I have 92 hours so far and May is still far away. I think I can make this work. What’s even better is that Lucien might be able to stay for a month as well. Whee! :)

Three weeks and I’ll be out of town again. Going to a cousin’s wedding in Chicago. It will be a mini-reunion as well. Hope all goes well. I already found a great deal in for hotel accommodations and rental car package.

That’s all for now. Ta.

Edit: The email posting works! Yay.

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