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Careful, careful!

There was a huge storm last night and it’s still raining a bit today.

Because of the rain, some workers at Lucien’s work place stopped doing what they were doing and ran inside the building. Lucien was mad because they left some freight out in the rain which were critical. So, he filed a complaint to the manager (they are buddies) through email and carbon-copied to the other managers.

After Lucien dropped me off from work, the manager called him at home. Apparently, he jokingly emailed a reply to Lucien saying, “Why don’t you call 1-800-WHO-GIVES-A-F**K?” and hit Send.

He realized too late that he replied to all of the people that had a copy of the first email.

And now, he’s trying to call everybody who received the email and apologize. I think one of them is in Taipei. LOL!

4 thoughts on “Careful, careful!”

  1. Been there done that, Have the t-shirt

    Well I remember that happened to me when I actidently hit the “Everyone” group instead of the person I wanted to send it too. Would not have been so bad if it was not a personal email. Well needless to say a few of my friends replied joking say things like “Yeah we love you too.”, “Todd I never knew!”, “Well that explains some things.”, blah blah blah. Oh yeah the girl I sent the email too really like the email also. Well thats about it. Hope everything works out for him.


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