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Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

And so, I didn’t sleep until the beginning lights of dawn was seeping through the window blinds. I could already hear birds waken welcoming the morning sun and eager to go back to their daily activities.

My body has gotten used to it, but as usual, it screams for accomplishment. Of what? Of something, an unexplainable need to do whatever is restless in my heart. All I did was sit and stare at the T.V., hoping that by some miracle, it would take me into THAT adventure.

How every little minute changes the whole of your life. Lucien and I had a little petty tiff, even I didn’t see it coming. We were lovey-dovey one minute and BANG! hostile the next.

Yet, one should never leave the other with contempt, and I ended up hugging and kissing him before he left to earn a living. Funny how things end.

And so, I fall in slumber, finally, and know that peace is within the land. For now.

5 thoughts on “Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend”

  1. Lack of sleep is inspirational. Needless to say I get lots of sleep, because I do believe world domination (I dominate the world) would be cool, I just have not found the inspiration to accomplish it. As when I don’t sleep I play lineage. Yup, lineage helps fills that dream of world domination. HAIL NASH! AND DEATH TO THOSE THAT OPPOSE ME! lol. Sleep well Leiza, glad there was peace.

    Todd Sawyer
    “Dear god no! You pressed what button?”

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