I’m sorry for not updating. I’ve been a little pre-occupied again. When I’m pre-occupied, that can only mean that I’m playing a new online game. This time it’s Legend of Mir 3.

So yeah, I’m pretty much absorbed in it for now. Give me a few weeks…I’ll probably be bored again by then. Toodles.

1 thought on “*Meep*”

  1. :( Lineage is better

    *sigh* Still no princess Aola. Guess I’ll just have to keep killing newbies until my (I can’t spell it, but it is the angel i keep ignoring) comes back.

    Todd Sawyer
    “It only hurts because my sword is dull. Bet you wish I would have killed you first” – ToddA JadeNash at SOL Seige.

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