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To the Moon, Alice!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can own yourself a piece of the Moon!

Just watched “Last Call With Carson Daly” where they had a guest who did real estate on any planet you can think of in our known universe including their moons.

Thought it was interesting, and checked their site and sure enough, folks, this is not a hoax. This dude even owns Uranus. :P

Pretty good for birthday presents and what-not. Lucien and I bought 2 acres of land on the Moon just for kicks. Teehee! :)

On other news, I cut my hair yesterday. It always seems that I do something with my hair every season change, but here’s the weird part: I cut my hair during the fall season and let it grow out for the summer. Oy.

3 thoughts on “To the Moon, Alice!”

  1. Good Lord, there’s even a Lunacy Embassy in Canada now. LOL!! Reminds me of The Lunar (Lunacy) Registry, Earth’s leading lunar real estate agency. OOOOEEEEEOOOOOO *twilight zone theme in the back-ground*

      1. Oh, I have no doubt they are the same company, but in keeping with the lunacy, one must acknowledge The Lunar Registry of CANADA, the leading lunar real estate agency for EARTH!


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