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Thank You

Thank you all for your prayers. They meant a lot to us. We are now back from the hospital, just didn’t email right away as we were both exhausted.

As some of you already know, Lucien’s fingers were crushed under a 2000-kilo (the actual weight, not 3000) pallette, a metal tray that holds freight. He was reading numbers off of the top of the pallette where he had his hand down on it, and it jumped (someone didn’t know he was back there and activated the motor) causing his hand to go under the locks and the pallette. He was able to pull back a bit, but still got 2 of his fingers caught. If the ramp techs didn’t catch it as they did, his full arm could have been caught under the weight.

He almost rushed himself to the hospital if one of the people working in the warehouse didn’t see him and offer to drive him. He got to the hospital in 9 minutes flat. They took x-rays on his hand, and they had to call in an orthopedic surgeon to reconstruct his fingers, as the ER doc couldn’t do anything else. The middle finger was broken in 5 places (3 on the middle bone, and 2 on the tip), and his index finger was lacerated, but not too serious. They put in pins to hold the bones together and even had to re-attach a tendon or two on the middle finger.

As my mom said on a previous email, the doctor was concerned if the blood supply will flow to his middle finger (the one most severely affected). So the next day when the doctor came by to check on the finger, he was happy to note that his finger looked like it was going to “live” and it’s more probable that it won’t be amputated (the worst case scenario). We will go back to have x-rays done on Monday.

Lucien is in good spirits and still has his sense of humor. We both want to thank you and we are grateful for all your prayers and support.

Thank you again, and we praise God for you. :)

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