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Back In The Saddle

Well, I am back at work as usual. I would have asked off today also, but then no one available would be able to cover for me today. I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s weekend anyway.

The good news is that I will be off for three straight whole days and be able to take care of Lucien. I am a bit worried that I’m not there making sure that he has taken his medication on time. I guess I’ll have to be patient and pray that He will be there with him.

While taking Lucien’s temperature, I also took mine. I found out that I was also having a bit of fever myself. So, I have been taking care of myself as well as Lucien, because I can’t really afford to be sick at this time.

We realized how much we give an impact to the people in our lives. Even though this was just a little slip of a big tragedy that could have happened, a lot of people have responded to our plea for help quickly and unconditionally. We are truly grateful for that.

3 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle”

  1. I can almost visualize hugging the two of you. It feels good to know you are both feeling more positive, and that good is taking place in your lives. :)


    Glad to hear the good news that Lucien is doing well. Now you just have relax and look after that fever and I am sure Lucien will takes his meds. After all he wants to get better too.
    On a personal note, you should log onto MSN more often hehe, I miss chating with ya. See you soon I hope.

    Todd Sawyer
    “If it hurts your doing it wrong.”

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